Born and raised in Chicago, Maxo Pardo is a 28-year-old singer-songwriter, producer and engineer. Dealing with a speech impediment from the time he learned to speak, Maxo turned to music as an outlet to express himself. After releasing several singles and his critically acclaimed EP 'Wasted Lullabies' with New York native Asoh Black!, Maxo has since released two solo projects, 'Boundaries' and 'Time Away'.

Influenced by his roots in jazz and gospel music, Maxo often croons, riffs, stacks harmonies and melodically raps over jazzy keyboards with hard hitting drums. Though he drew much of his inspirations from the Chicago sound, Maxo also developed as an artist in Boston, MA, where he attended college and emerged onto the budding Boston arts scene. Maxo has collaborated with and supported many artists from LA, Boston, Chicago and New York, and now brings his talents back to Chicago for his next chapter as an artist.

The way that he & Maxo complimented the bouncy beat with their unique styles was admirable to say the least.”

Lyrical Lemonade

Past Releases

'Time Away' EP

September 16th, 2020: singer-producer Maxo Pardo releases his second solo EP, ‘Time Away’, featuring seven feel-good tracks to end the summer. 

Maxo’s unique flow and delivery compliment an eclectic collection of beats blending contemporary R&B and live instrumentation. ‘Time Away’ refers to his five years spent away from his hometown of Chicago, and serves as a farewell ode to Boston, where he had solidified his place in the local music community. The project features several Boston-bred artists and musicians, including Roxbury’s Alejandro Blanco, band leader Jonah Francese, up-and-coming rappers YM and Taurus, and was mixed and mastered at The Bridge and Sound Stage by audio engineer Mertz in Cambridge, MA. 

Featuring two of his own productions (‘Feelings’ & ‘For My Baby’), Maxo’s skills as an arranger also shine throughout the project, with his arrangement and addition of live instruments and back-up vocalists which bring the tracks to life. 

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